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Keep your head in the game with our best in class sports psychologist and doctors. We help you stay mentally steadfast.

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Our team offers truly unique programs and courses to edge out your true potential.

Entertainment Performance

A show looks best when you are at your best. Let us take you to that next level.

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At Elite Performance Design, we bridge the realms of sports, entertainment, and education to foster a culture of relentless pursuit of excellence. Our mission is to provide a platform where passion meets knowledge, enabling individuals to unlock their true potential under the mentorship of the world's most esteemed athletes and entertainers.

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New! The Science of Breath

Proper breathing technique is one of the most overlooked yet critical components of peak athletic performance. Our innovative breathwork course teaches you how to tap into the power of your breath to find focus, release tension, and access deeper energy reserves.

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Become breathless in the best way. Our masterclass unlocks your athletic potential through science-based breath optimization techniques.
Achieve breath mastery, gain health and performance edge. Our techniques increase oxygenation, endurance, mental clarity under pressure
Regain control over your mind and body through the subtle yet profoundly transformative power of breath.

Gain the competitive edge in sports and life. We teach science-based techniques to maximize lung capacity and access deeper potential.


Winning isn't just physical - the mental game is just as critical.

We know that what separates good from great is not just talent and physical ability - it's the mental game. We dig deep to identify mental blocks holding you back and draw out your untapped potential. Expect individualized mental training programs with actionable strategies you can implement immediately.

Without strengthening your mental game, talent will only take you so far. Even the most physically gifted hit walls, choke under pressure, and lose their competitive edge over time.
Without the shared belief, resilience, and mental toughness to persevere, challenges become crises. Teams fracture when the mentality turns inward rather than outward towards a common purpose.
With decades of experience at the highest levels, we have the specialized expertise to take your mental game and confidence to the next level. Our proven training builds resilience, intensity, and mental toughness optimized for peak performance when it matters most.

Our individually tailored programs help you master your inner world so you can maximize outer-world performance. Mindset Performance equips you with training in Confidence under pressure, Intensity regulation for optimal focus, Constructive self-talk and imagery, and much more! Take your abilities to the pinnacle with Elite Performance Design. Contact us today to learn more and get started on unlocking your true potential.

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The Science of breath. New relase!

Sports psychology and Mental health (coming soon)

Meet Our Team

Our masterclasses are developed with guidance from an extraordinary team of medical sports doctors on the cutting edge of performance science. Our team leverages the latest research and proven techniques to create transformative training for peak athletic achievement. With decades of combined experience working with elite athletes and professional sports organizations, they provide invaluable insight on injury prevention, strength and conditioning, nutrition, mental fitness and more. Your success and wellbeing are their top priority.

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Al Light

Head Coach of Cirque du Soleil

John A. Mercer

Biomechanics and Physiology of Endurance PHD

Brad Donohue

Licensed Clinical Sports Psychologist

Brandon Birchak

NCAA Champion Diver and Underwater Entertainment Pioneer.

Stephen McCain

Two-time Olympic gymnast, World Champion Silver Medalist, and Hall of Fame inductee, has transcended the world of gymnastics to become a global advocate for longevity.

Tyce Nielsen

Tyce Nielsen, ex-Cirque performer, now coaches elite athletes and celebrities in strength and hypertrophy, using personalized, science-based methods.

David Williams

Dr. David Williams, a specialized physiotherapist, combines advanced techniques and research to offer personalized treatment for athletes and active individuals. His approach evolves continually, adapting to each patient's unique needs.


Gary Hunt (Coming Soon!)

Gary Hunt is a British diver who is a seven-time winner of the Red BullCliff Diving World Series. Known for his fearless approach and impeccabletechnique, Hunt has pushed the boundaries of what is possible in his sport. His expertise in high-pressure, high-risk situations will be invaluable in helping you perform under pressure.


Duo Transcend (Coming Soon)

Mary and Tyce are a dynamic duo that took their talents, athleticism, and trust to become a powerhouse in the entertainment industry. Having been finalist in America's Got Talent and currently performing at their show in the Luxor they know what it takes to sculpt and maintain a fitness regiment that will keep you at the top of your game!


More Courses are on the way!

Through meticulously crafted courses, we aim to offer in-depth insights, practical skills, and a community that fuels the journey of learning, growth, and achievement. We believe that with the right guidance, everyone can elevate their skills, deepen their understanding, and ignite a lifelong passion for the game. By connecting the aspirants with the masters, we strive to create a world where learning is as inspiring as it is transformative. Welcome to a journey of unlocking excellence, welcome to Elite Performance Design.